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Amarley Story

Having the world’s best crafts, high-quality materials, and a team of over 20 professional designers from all over the world, Amarley aims to provide customers with the finest jewellery and services at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for the latest jewellery styles for yourself, or are trying to find the perfect customized gifts, Amarley has a wide variety of designs to choose from. Not only will you find an impressive jewellery collection at Amarley.com, but will also partake in one of the best online shopping experiences. Our staff at Amarley works tirelessly to improve their services in terms of bringing the best designs and best quality products and providing stellar customer services. 

Our Design 

In our design studio, creativity and artistic inspiration come together with a creative and diverse skill-set when it comes to the manufacturing. The result is exquisite jewellery which is impeccably made to create future heirlooms to be cherished always.
Once inspiration takes hold, our designers put pencil to paper and sketch potential designs, and make sure that their vision can be translated into reality. After conceptualising and sketching a design, it is often rendered as a computer model. Finally, the pieces are brought to life by our expert jewellers, who employ, both, traditional artistry and state-of-the-art production techniques to create pieces worthy of your once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

Every piece of Amarley's jewellery is hand-finished by expert jewellers. Each item is examined under 10x magnification to ensure that the gemstones are perfectly aligned and securely set, and that the precious metal has no imperfections.
We exclusively work with hand-selected gemstones—every gemstone is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards. We select jewellers with decades of experience and the utmost dedication to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the crafting of your jewellery.

Our Values
Innovative creativity. Learning from each individual experience. Courage.
Adaptive readiness. Patience.
Professional integrity. Responsibility. Efficiency. Value for money and time invested.
Appreciation of diversity.
Teamwork. Enthusiasm. Optimism.